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Recorded By SGS Group – the world’s leading testing,inspection and certification company, recognized as theglobal benchmark for quality and integrity.

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Our product quality is outstanding. Overseas procurement is tired  of low-quality products. Because we optimize the process better, making us take into account the rate simultaneously, the production cost is lower.

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OEM / ODM Process

1, Understanding your ideas/concepts

If you don’t have any technical drawings and simply some ideas or concepts in your minds, the project will begin with understanding how you would like to use your product, and what purpose it will serve….etc.

2, Building tooling/mould

For entirely new products,  If there is no existing tooling/mould available, then building new tooling/mould is a must. There will be development cost and tooling/mould cost (or called NRE fees) depending on specific conditions. Your inquiries are welcome, our professional staff will get in touch with you for further details and get back to you with proposals

3, Prototyping

Once new tooling/mould is completed, we will provide samples to you for your evaluation and approval

4, Mass production

After the samples are approved by you, mass production will begin

5, Delivery of finished products

We will deliver finished products to you according to your instructions or provide shipping solutions or advices to assist you

6, Technical support and after-sale service

We will provide necessary technical supports and aftersale service to you on the products, let you have a peace of mind, no worry, no headache.

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 5 hours, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@kittygamepad.com”