China Wireless PS4 Controllers

Prodcut Details:

Detailed introduction of prodcuct features:

High sensitive 6 axis detection system and the natural and intuitive touch board on the front of the controller bring rich game experience.

The light bar can display various colors. When multiple people play, the color of the light bar will be linked with the color matching of the characters in the game, so that the characters they control can be easily identified. The change of the light bar can also represent the physical strength or injury of the character. Such application methods can intuitively identify all kinds of game intelligence.

The PS4 handle wireless controller also adds a stereo headset / microphone connection. PS4 users can not only enjoy high-quality game effects through TV speakers, but also enjoy high-quality game effects from their controllers. When playing connected games, you can talk with your friends by using the mono headset microphone group attached to the PS4 on the wireless controller of the PS4 handle, so as to provide a deeper level of game fun.

In addition, on the front of the PS4 handle wireless controller, the “Options button” integrating the “select button” and “start button” functions on the PS3 handle is newly designed, as well as the “Share button” which can expand the fun of game experience. Each user can use the “share” button to easily connect to Ustream and other webcast platforms to broadcast the game live to his friends. In addition, when playing games, PS4 will also record the whole process. Users don’t have to worry about missing any wonderful moments. Through simple button operation, they can upload playing videos to Facebook to share with friends. You don’t have to use a personal computer to change the format of the movie, you can easily share it. When the PS4 enters the standby mode, in addition to charging the PS4 handle with a special charger, it can charge the charger of your smart phone and other devices.

Warm tip: the difference of custom PS4 handle is that the handle needs to be manually upgraded on the computer if the PS4 host is upgraded,  The process takes only one minute.

(you can operate wirelessly after connected with cable for the first time, it’s the same with original.)

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