Bulk PS4 controller paddles

Prodcut Details:

Product Specification:


Operating instructions

Programming function setting:

long press the set key for 2 seconds, the corresponding LED flash (4Hz), and then short press the M1 or M2 key, the LED light will display slow flash on the corresponding function screen in turn (the lighting sequence is X, O, triangle, square, R3, L3, R2, L2, R1, L1), and then press the set key, the corresponding function will be mapped to M1 / 2;

For example: when entering the programming mode, press the M1 key to display the LED on R1, and then press the set key again, the LED on R1 will become long bright, and the M1 function will be R1; Programming M2 is the same as above. Ten LEDs are used as key function indicators to indicate the function of programming keys, and at most two LEDs are displayed.


Cancel function:

long press the set key for 5 seconds, the programming indicator LED changes from flash to off, then the M1 / 2 function is
cleared, at this time, the key has no programming function.

Programming key memory function:

Insert the back key into the controller. If M1 / 2 has no function, LED1 will flash slowly (2Hz) for 3 seconds and then go out. Long press set key to enter programming mode and LED1 will flash quickly; If M1 / 2 memorizes the last programming function, the corresponding LED will be on for a long time. Programming function save when power off ; When the controller is inserted again, the last programming function is still retained, and there is no programming function by default;

Turbo function setting:

press and hold the function key and turbo key at the same time, then the function key has turbo continuous sending function; Press the two keys again to cancel the key function. If turbo function is set, the LED corresponding to the function will flash (4Hz) after pressing the key;


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