2.4G 3600 retro games console with 2 wireless controllers

Prodcut Details:

Packing specification


Gross weight: 12.6kg

Net weight: 12 kg

50pcs / box

Package include:

1. Color box packaging * 1

2. Data Cable * 1

3. Instructions * 1

4. 2.4G wireless controller (charged with 2*AAA batteries) * 2

5. 128G Memory Mini HD Console * 1

6. 2.4G receiver * 1

Campitable with:

Any TV or PC monitor with a HDMI port

Connection method:

This 2.4G console with controllers is Plug and Play, once you Plug the mini TF card console in the HDMI port on your TV or PC monitor, and plug the 2.4G receiver in the USB port on the mini console.  It’s ready to play.

3000 retro games console with 2pcs controllers3000 retro games console with 2pcs controllers


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