NFC Wake-up Switch Pro Controllers

Prodcut Details:

Connection instruction:

1. Switch on your switch host, the screen will lit up when entering the main interface,  all monitors will display the main screen.

2. Steps for first time connection: in host menu, touch the controllers-changeGrip / order to enter pairing mode. All previously connected controllers will be switched off.

3. In paring mode, press Home button for 5 seconds, four LEDs starting to flash. wait for connection after controller entering paring mode. LED indicator will be turned on and press “A” key to automatically pair with switch host.

4. After the first time connection, Direct connecting with host by pressing the Home button, after connected, press “A” button. then you can play the game wireless.

5. In the SLEEP mode, press the Home button, the handle and the host will reconnected.

T17 switch pro game controller

T17 switch pro game controllerswitch game controller001 (1)

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